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June 25, 2020

We are Dan-o, Cody, and John, and this is HOTDROP: A network of podcasts, a live stream, and a Discord community of mature, adult gamers.


Dan-o's the one with the silky smooth voice.

Cody yells a lot and has the singing voice of an angel.

John has a sourdough starter.


itunes_logo_1400x1400_white_bg.png This is the one. HOTDROP is the show that started it all. Hosted by Dan-o, Cody, and John; and originally a show only about the game PUBG, HOTDROP has grown and changed with the times to cover the games we are currently playing. 



Dive is a podcast where Dan-o and Cody jump into a topic and share their findings with you! John may or may not appear at strategic moments to make great points.


The Tarkov Escape Pod is Dan-o's side project: A podcast about the gameplay, mechanics, and design of the game Escape From Tarkov.
Dan-o is running a play-through + commentary of some of his favorite games starting with Half-Life 1. One day, he might actually finish it. You can find these episodes on our YouTube channel.


 Still waiting on John and Cody content from 2018...